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Principle of relativity

November 24, 2005

Scientist found a picture which is photoed 50 years ago.It was Einstein when he was addressing his final lecture.What he was talking about that moment is of much importance even today.

He wrote that in Chapter1. POR:

M.Liang Liu is still unmarried and that is
much more important than the study of
principle of relativity.

And I am M.liang Liu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haha…. 🙂
It was a game,want to Do It Yourself ?Click here!


The Peak of Everest

November 13, 2005

peak, originally uploaded by patriotlml.


Lucky Pictures for Beijing

November 13, 2005

2008 for Beijing, originally uploaded by patriotlml.

There are five pictures which are designed for Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.The names can be integrated as a sentence which is :“北京欢迎你? ,meaning welcome to Beijing.

So, welcome to Beijing in 2008.


November 8, 2005

Danger, originally uploaded by patriotlml.

This is a Graph to show what is happening outside the surrounding in which you are enjoying—-look out that this world is beautiful but the danger is always having a way to spread.