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Happy Spring

January 26, 2006



A letter sent to myself in Year 2035

January 16, 2006

This is a letter I sent to myself some 30 years later via Here! .And I hope I can receive and read it

Dear FutureMe,
Your birthday is coming if not today.And this E-mail was written by yourself some 30 years ago when your are still a student.And you are preparing yourself for the examination to enter THU’CS.
I want to remind you that life is full of ups and downs. And the only thing for you to do is make every day go on and enjoy it.

Are you happy?Do you always talk about money with your friends? How about your son or daughter?You’re healthy,yup?You are not a millionaire but you have a car of yourself,right?What you will buy for your son’s(or daughter) graduation day?
You love your wife and view her beauty,right?
How many classmates of college do you remember?


Do NOT return!Thirty years have gone when they deliver this E-Mail.But do not complain them of their inefficiency—–they’re doing the right.