A letter sent to myself in Year 2035

This is a letter I sent to myself some 30 years later via Here! .And I hope I can receive and read it

Dear FutureMe,
Your birthday is coming if not today.And this E-mail was written by yourself some 30 years ago when your are still a student.And you are preparing yourself for the examination to enter THU’CS.
I want to remind you that life is full of ups and downs. And the only thing for you to do is make every day go on and enjoy it.

Are you happy?Do you always talk about money with your friends? How about your son or daughter?You’re healthy,yup?You are not a millionaire but you have a car of yourself,right?What you will buy for your son’s(or daughter) graduation day?
You love your wife and view her beauty,right?
How many classmates of college do you remember?


Do NOT return!Thirty years have gone when they deliver this E-Mail.But do not complain them of their inefficiency—–they’re doing the right.


14 Responses to “A letter sent to myself in Year 2035”

  1. M. Liang Liu Says:

    the trackback of this post is :


    thanks for reading.

    Do It Yourself as the following url to sent letter to future yourself:

  2. unibin Says:


  3. M. Liang Liu Says:



  4. Yupoo Says:

    (1) BlogThis功能,?时blog中?表的内容能自动trackback回您上传的照片
    (2) 标注Note,照片上?添加标注信?
    (3) ?布Tag 2.0 的版本.把专题改版为人人??与的Tag Group, ??一个个tag2.0
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    (8) ?级了站内消?,支?消?群?
    (9) ?布新的照片压缩算法,照片??基本?失真

    阿? yupoohelp@gmail.com

  5. M. Liang Liu Says:


  6. bluelee Says:


  7. aa9999 Says:

    ??是看到你的中文 還以為你是?外呢 呵呵
    ?也來給你拜個早年阿 還有一個多兩個星期就新年了 大家快樂阿

  8. qiuxj Says:


  9. Blue Lee Says:


  10. lsalama06 Says:

    Thanks for your support 🙂

  11. aa9999 Says:

    還好我也剛剛能讀懂 開心開心…
    最近去借了Bill Clinton的 My life 這個?傷腦筋…. 邊看邊查字典… 頭大 @@”

  12. aa9999 Says:

    新年快到了 新年快樂阿 ^^

  13. keirstead Says:

    cool – you should add this to the Internet time capsule by time netsule.

  14. Money Says:


    A letter sent to myself in Year 2035 | Drink Drank Drunk

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