The is blocked in China!

I am so sorry to notice that was blocked by the Great Fire Wall of China.In my mind,there are thounds of users of WordPress in China and is the most wonderful BSP.We many Chinese users love,we can NOT have an access to in normal way.The gorvenment of China has blocked the whole access to love but we can NOT enjoy it freely.
Why?What’s going on?To safeguard our nation?To make us dumb? we asked.
Certainly no answer.

It remind me of the same thing which happens at
When some bloggers in China find that blogsome was blocked one year ago,everybody think they guys must get creazy.It came that being blocked, being blocked, being blocked……that’s why when was blocked,everybody thought it was NOT worthy of a fuss.The sun shines on and your life is continuing just without half an hour accessing to your blog at

I’ve got a new blog @
OK,face the music and do NOT claim freedom.


9 Responses to “The is blocked in China!”

  1. danbee Says:

    I can’t read your new blog!

  2. doris Says:

    I am so sorry to hear that these restaints have been put upon you. I hope that this does not go on forever and that one day you have the freedom to read and most importantly educate yourself in any way you see fit.

    Vix xx

  3. chcov Says:

    It’s just the net.

    You can’t trust anything you read online anyway so tehre’s no education to be had.

    Go get a book.

  4. Lou (Linda) Says:

    The Great Fire Wall of China? That’s GREAT! At least you haven’t lost your sense of humor. I was in China back in 1982. We were followed everywhere by the military, and our hotel room phones were bugged. Sounds like maybe not all that much has changed.

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