Lucky Pictures for Beijing

November 13, 2005

2008 for Beijing, originally uploaded by patriotlml.

There are five pictures which are designed for Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.The names can be integrated as a sentence which is :“北京欢迎你? ,meaning welcome to Beijing.

So, welcome to Beijing in 2008.



November 8, 2005

Danger, originally uploaded by patriotlml.

This is a Graph to show what is happening outside the surrounding in which you are enjoying—-look out that this world is beautiful but the danger is always having a way to spread.

Shenzhou VI touches down & astronauts in good conditions

October 17, 2005

shenzhou vi return back successfully!(From astronauts on China’s second manned space flight landed before dawn Monday after a five-day flight.Astronaut Nie Haisheng (R) talks to journalists after he and Fei Junlong got out of the re-entry capsule of the Shenzhou VI spacecaft at the main landing field in Central Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Monday morning October 17, 2005. The module landed 4:33 A.M. after a five-day flight.
The re-entry capsule of Shenzhou VI and astronauts Fei Junlong, Nie Haisheng touched down in the main landing field in Central Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region at 4:33 A.M. Monday after a five-day flight.
The astronauts climbing out of their kettle-shaped capsule with the help of two technicians and clambering down a ladder in the predawn darkness. They smiled, waved to cheering members of the ground crew, accepted bouquets of flowers and sat in a pair of metal chairs beside the capsule.
The two said they were in good conditions when answering questions from journalists.
“I want to thank the people for their love and care. Thank you very much,” Fei said.
After a snack of noodles, tea and chocolate, Fei and Nie set off by helicopter for a local airport before going to Beijing.
At 9:30 a.m. the two astronauts arrived at an airport at western Beijing, getting heroic welcome.The re-entry capsule landed one kilometer away from target, and six kilometers from the Shenzhou V landing site, Xinhua saidClick Here for more Updated: 2005-10-17 05:23.

Another “normal” day in space for Shenzhou VI

October 14, 2005

shenzhou vi preparationBEIJING, Oct. 14 — Each of them slept for seven hours, walked back and forth between the return and orbital modules of the spacecraft, and conducted a raft of tests That was how Chinese astronauts Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng spent their second day in space on board China Daily for more information!the Shenzhou VI spacecraft, which was sent into orbit on Wednesday morning.
Also normal was the temperature, blood pressure and other physical signs of the astronaut duo, the centre said in a brief statement. At 4:16 am yesterday, astronaut Fei woke up from seven hours and eight minutes of slumber in the orbital module and went to his working post in the return module.(Source: China Daily)

Generation of Greatness

October 13, 2005

This following article is from 王垠’blog in which he commend a lecture made by EDWIN H. LAND.
And this is the attachment:

这是?明家EDWIN H. LAND在1957年时在MIT?的演讲。他针对当时美国教育出现的问题,讲述了在一个富有创造力的大学里对待学生的?度,?师的作用,课堂讲座的作用。

20Q:20 questions to guess what you are thinking

October 13, 2005

Try it!If some one says he can guess what you are thinking within 20 questions ,
do you think he is cheating?
Absolutely I do.
But,you’d better check it out if an honest one.
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